Camelot Wind TurbinePlymouth, MA

Balwin Crane is proud to have been part of the the construction team for the Camelot Wind Turbine in Plymouth, MA. The Camelot Wind Turbine was the first industrial scale turbine to be erected in Plymouth. Baldwin provided transportation and erection services for the construction of the 70 meter turbine tower and 40 meter blade assembly. After years of planning, the structe was assembed and ready for inspections in two weeks.

The attached video shows a speech given by Mark Baldwin during the opening ceremony.

Tower & Blade Transportation

The turbine tower sections were transported by bardge to Plymouth Harbor where Baldwin awaited with a crawler crane to unload the materials. The Camelot Turbine consists of three tower sections, each approximately 80 feet in length. All three turbine blades, reaching a length of 131 feet each, were also transported by Baldwin to the construction site.

Tower Assembly

Put simply, the Camelot Wind Turbine is made up of nine major parts: Three blades weighing 18,000 pounds each, a Nacelle weighing 28,000 pounds, a generator weighing 100,000 pounds, a Hub weighing 31,000 pounds and three tower sections totaling in a combined 100,000 pounds. Overall, the finished turbine weighs over 300,000 pounds!

Nacelle and Blade Lift